setup 8040

HP Officejet 8040 Printer features

HP 8040 Officejet e-all-in-one printer features the Neat Organization System that may transform your home office into a more productive, organized workspace and speed through tasks. With this printer, you can easily access your Neat files from smartphones, tablets and more by connecting the printer to a wired or wireless connectivity and NFC touch-to-print. It includes features such as print, scan, copy and fax. You can save resources without affecting the performance, with this ENERGY STAR qualified printer. oj8040

The print speed for black is up to 14 ppm and up to 9 ppm for color. It prints borderless 4 x 6-inch photos and documents up to 8.5 x 11 inches. The printer supports automatic 2-sided printing. The Automatic Document Feeder lets you scan and copy multiple pages efficiently. It includes a 125-sheet main input tray and a 15-sheet photo tray. The scanner is a flatbed type with a resolution up to 1200 dpi.

Wireless printer setup

Ensure that you have the network name and security passphrase. Check if the light on the router is on. Make sure that the system is connected to the same wireless network to which you want to connect your Officejet printer. Turn on the printer and then for good signal strength, place it close to the PC, within the range of the router. Both Windows and Mac users can use the Wireless Setup Wizard on the printer to connect it to your wireless network. After selecting the Wireless option, go to Settings and then choose the Wireless Setup Wizard option. Choose your network and then type the password to complete the network connection. Select a suitable method to identify the model of your printer and then follow the prompts on the screen to download the driver. Mac users can download HP Easy Start and then follow the prompts on the screen to download the driver.

How to download printer driver

It is advisable to download the current version of the driver for your HP Officejet 8040 printer as an outdated or corrupt driver can cause your PC to become unstable and crash.

STEP 1: In case you are running a new version of an operating system or if you experience printing problems, update the drivers.

STEP 2: If you are a Windows user, go to Start, then click the Devices and Printers option and then press Enter. A list of all available printers may display on your system.

STEP 3: In case any yellow exclamation-point icon displays on it or if it does not appear at all, download a new driver.

STEP 4: Make a note that even if Windows reports that nothing is wrong with your Officejet printer, you can download new drivers to fix bugs you have not yet encountered.

STEP 5: Locate your printer model and then select the OS. After downloading the driver, make sure that you run the installer to complete the setup.

Step 6: The driver file for both Windows and Mac varies where .exe is the format for Windows and .dmg is the format for Mac.

Step 7: You can also go through the manual that came with your Officejet printer to complete all printer tasks without any difficulty.

Step 8: If you do not have the manual download it and then look for the topic or task that is to be accomplished.

Step 9: You may find the prompts on our website very easy to understand and follow.
Make sure that you go through the prompts to avoid the need for any technician to come and handle the issues unless required.

Step 10: For any further information or support, contact our technicians to help you resolve the issues instantly on the Toll-free number.

Replacing ink cartridges

  • For the best quality print of your photo or document, use genuine HP ink cartridges.
  • If the cartridge is empty or low on ink, make sure that you check the ink level and then replace it immediately.
  • Turn on your Officejet printer if it is not already on, then open the scanner lid and then open the cartridge access door.
  • Wait for sometime until the carriage stops, then carefully raise the lid of your printer, then push the lid back and then pull up on the cartridge.
  • Carefully remove the plastic tape from the new cartridge and then pull the pull tab.
  • Make sure that the contacts of the cartridge face the rear side of the printer at a slight upward angle.
  • Place the color and black and white cartridge into their corresponding slots and then to secure the cartridge into place, close the lid on the cartridge slot.
  • Now, shut both the cartridge access door and the scanner lid and then align the cartridges.
  • The printer may print an alignment page. Make sure that you observe the page to check if the cartridges are aligned properly.


When your printer is not functioning properly, there is a good possibility that the issue may be due to hardware or software or connection issues between the printer and your system. To check the status of the printer, it is advisable to print a test page. The solutions for the print quality issue and network connection issue are provided below.

Print quality issue

  • Before you begin, make sure that you wait until the printer completes its automatic servicing routine to resolve many print quality issues.
  • Ensure that the paper you use meets the specifications provided. Do not use any wrinkled or curled paper.
  • Ascertain that you store paper in its original packaging inside a releasable plastic bag. To check if the problem is related to the paper, use a different one.
  • Make sure that you check the print settings on your system and prior to replacing any low or empty cartridges, check the estimated ink levels.
  • To print and evaluate a Print Quality Diagnostic Report insert A4 size paper in the tray.
  • Ensure that the color bars in the report are complete and uniform across the width of the page.
  • Use an automated tool to clean the printhead and then replace the ink cartridge if the above solutions do not resolve the issue.
  • If the issue still persists, service the Officejet printer.

Network connection issue

  • Once you confirm that the issue is print-related, restart devices and also check the driver scan settings.
  • It is advisable to check the network and printer connection status.
  • Make sure that you download HP Print and Scan Doctor for your Windows system.
  • After the download process completes, make sure that you reinstall the HP software. Check the WIA settings.
  • If you are a Mac user, download HP Utility.
  • It is advisable to remove the printer from the print queue and then add it again to clear any error states with the printer setup.
  • To support the printer scanning functions, make sure that you uninstall the printer driver and software. After a while, reinstall the latest scan driver and software.
  • If the network scanner error continues, download an app compatible with your OS.
  • If the preceding steps fail to resolve the issue, make sure that you try resetting the print system.