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HP Officejet pro 8216 spec

The HP Officejet Pro 8216 is designed for an office environment that is aimed at keeping you printer queue empty. Voted the best printer to get your presentations and proposals printed, this printer comes with an easy to read 2-inch HP display coupled with an LED indicator that acts as a wireless connection verification system. Capable of working via multiple networking means such as wireless, USB, and Ethernet, this device is an all-rounder. When the printer is set up to work wirelessly, the added advantage of mobile connectivity comes into play. Dedicated applications exist allowing your mobile device no matter what operating system it runs to work seamlessly. Apple’s dedicated AirPrint and Android’s dedicated Mopria are to name a few. ojpro8216

In addition to this, set up a unique email address for your printer and perform the printing operation by sending an email with the documents that have to be printed to your printer. Automatic-duplexing is mandatory when it comes to an office printer and the device doesn’t lack it. The Officejet Pro 8216 boasts a 500-page input tray and a whopping 30,000-page monthly volume. The presence of a 256MB memory makes printing lag free and HP JetAdvantage Security Manager keeps your data safe and secure.

Driver and manual download

STEP 1: Manual or the user guide is a booklet that contains all the information pertaining to the printer. The user guide is provided as an accessory with the box package. The most important aspect of the user guide is the fact that it houses the steps that need to be followed whilst unboxing the printer.

STEP 2: In addition to this, a detailed description of every hardware component of the printer which includes all the buttons and knobs are described. For those who have difficulty understanding the steps, there is a pictorial description of the same.

STEP 3: A soft copy of the user manual is present in the CD that is present with the shipped package. In case the CD is lost or misplaced, the manual can be downloaded online from the link where you are downloading your driver software.

STEP 4: The driver software is the most important software in a printer. This software acts as the connecting bridge between the printer and the computer. Without a driver software, the printer will be unable to function.

STEP 5: The first step that is to be followed after unboxing the printer is to install the driver software. There is little guidance regarding the driver download and if are facing the issue, feel free to call our toll-free and we will assign experts who will assist you with the printer setup function.

STEP 6: Go to the link specified on the website and enter your printer model. Every driver is unique hence special care has to be undertaken during this process. Downloading a driver that is not compatible with your printer is useless.

STEP 7: Post entering your printer model number, you will be prompted to choose between the two variant of the driver software, each of which is compatible with their specific operating system. Click download and wait for the process to complete.

HP Officejet Pro 8720 Wireless printer setup

Your printer is capable of wireless networking. With the help of this feature, your printer can effortlessly connect with other wireless devices such as mobile phones., laptops and tablets. In addition to this, these devices can send print jobs to the printer.

Go to the control panel of your printer and click on Wireless. The printer will proceed to scan the surrounding and provide you a list of all the available wireless networks. Choose the one that belongs to you and connect to it by entering the password. If your network is not to be found, go to the manual search option and enter the name of your wireless network. Click on the search result and then connect entering the password. Make sure both the printer and the computer are connected to the same wireless network.

This starts with downloading the right driver software for your printer. Go to the link specified in this website and enter your printer model number. Do not slip up and enter the wrong number as you might end up downloading the wrong software. Choose the operating system and download the driver software. Post download, open the setup folder and double click on the downloaded file. This will lead to the installation of the file. Remove all the USB connection and proceed with the installation. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. You will be asked to choose a directory where the installed file of the driver should be saved. As the installation process proceeds, the setup will prompt you to choose between the various modes of network connection. Click Wireless as your preferred choice and proceed with the installation.

Additional software can be made use to assist with the installation process such as the HP Smart App and the HP Installation Wizard. Post-installation, print a test document to check the stability of the connection.

Replacement ink cartridges

  • Ink cartridges are responsible for performing the task of printing and are the most important component in a printer. It is always recommended to prefer genuine HP ink cartridges over third-party ones. Genuine HP ink cartridges are manufactured by HP and work best with your printer. These cartridge work towards enhancing the longevity of your printer and deliver excellent prints time and time again.
  • The greatest disadvantage of using a third-party ink cartridge is the fact that you are indirectly damaging the printer. The ink that is used in these are sub-standard in quality and are made from questionable sources. They end up eventually damaging the printer by print documents with ink smears and blotches. In addition to this, there are high chances that the carriage is damaged as well.
  • Continuous printing leads to all the ink in your printer’s cartridge getting used up. This called for the cartridge to be replaced. However, cartridges are not cheap and to waste expensive ink is as good as throwing money away. Monitor the level of ink before attempting to make the change. Ink level can be the view from the control panel of the printer. Go to Ink Option in the setup and a bar chart showing the amount of ink left in each of the 4 cartridges are displayed. Another way the ink levels could be monitored is by checking the ink management software. This is an additional option available in the full feature driver. HP Smart App also offers live ink monitoring facility. A hazard sign is displayed when the ink levels are dangerously low.
  • When you have ascertained the fact that your cartridge needs to be changed, open the cartridge access door. Make sure you have the new cartridges handy. Wait for the carriage to become idle and gently remove the latch that binds the cartridge in place. Now the cartridge can be removed. Do so with care and you do not want to run ink on the walls of the carriage. The new cartridge is removed from its package and on the underside, a tape is found. This tape covers the contact points and printhead. Both of this is not to be touched as it can cause print quality issues. Place the cartridge in its respective slot and secure it by locking the latch. Close the cartridge access door when done. The ink level should update shortly.


Every device with prolonged usage is bound to run into issues and printers are no exception. When the device is operated it is bound to encounter wear and tear and as a result, this leads to complication. These issues or problems can vary in their hindering ability and some of them can pause your printing while others can outright shut the system down.

When your printer runs into such issues, the easiest way to get this fixed is by following the troubleshooting guide. Most errors are caused due to manual intervention. This can be prevented by following the user guide. Troubleshooting tips are available for all the issues that the printer might run into.

Some of the common recurring issues are a paper jam, printer offline, network connection error, driver not properly installed, cartridge replacement, and print quality issues. Hiring a technician to rectify your printer issues or taking it for service will strain your pocket. It is better to resort to self-help and get to know your printer’s working process. Help can be taken from software that is specialized in error diagnosis and problem rectification. Follow the steps diligently to resolve the problem and enjoy uninterrupted printing.

How to fix print quality issues

  • Multiple issues can indirectly affect the print quality of your printer. The primary reason, however, is the ink that is used. Always prefer genuine HP ink cartridge over third-party components.
  • Cartridges supplied by unknown manufacturers can cause issues to the printer. There is no guarantee for the quality of the document that is printed. Always prefer the appropriate paper for your print job.
  • Example: Photos should be printed on photo paper the quality is bound to drop when the same is printed on a lesser quality sheet. It is recommended to prefer paper sold by the manufacturer as he knows the printer best. The quality of prints from an Inkjet printer is directly proportional to the quality of the paper on which it is printed. Check the print setting on your computer. Go to Control Panel and choose Devices and Printer and click on Print Settings. Open the Properties dialogue box and you will gain access to change settings such as Paper Type, Print Quality, Paper Size, Black and White. Check ink levels and make sure they are maintained at a healthy level to enable quality prints. Try printing a quality page to ascertain the level of ink left in the cartridge.