Troubleshooting is the art of rectifying your printer’s issues by following the guide and steps provided. No matter how well maintained your printer is, it is bound to run into trouble. This is mostly due to the manual intervention and lethargy whilst operating the printer. Printer issues can be prevented by following the operational guide diligently.

Some of the common recurring issues are the Paper Jam, Printer Offline issue, Network Connection not found, Print Quality issue, Scanner and Fax issues etc. By following the troubleshooting guide, these issues are an easy fix rarely requiring the assistance of a technician.

HP Deskjet 2520 Printer Issues

  1. Printing black page error.
  2. Not Printing error
  3. Paper jam and Paper tray issues
  4. Print Quality issues
  5. Ink Cartridges issues

Printing black page error

  • It is recommended to prefer genuine HP ink cartridges over third-party one. This will drastically increase the print quality and rectify cartridge related issues. Exercise caution when purchasing cartridges as buying the cartridge of a different model might not be compatible with your printer. Check estimated ink levels. This can be done by clicking on the ink management tool that is found in the full feature driver software. If not, the printer can be commanded to printer an ink level sheet. Observe the changes in color if any and if the sheet happens to have spotted or tainted prints, it would mean that the cartridge is low in ink and need to be replaced. The old and used cartridges need to be swapped with new ones. Maintaining healthy ink levels will provide quality prints.
  • Clean the cartridges by using an automated tool. Click Printer Action in the control panel and choose Maintenance Tasks. Under the Device Service tab, click on Clean Ink Cartridges and wait for the process to complete. Make sure to not leave the paper tray empty. Ensure the cartridge is properly secured by making sure the latch is locked in place and that the cartridge is properly placed in the carriage.

Not connecting error

  • Printer not connecting is the result of poor network connection. Make sure your printer is turning on and that there are no issue with the power cord. In case the printer is connected using a USB connection, make sure the connection is secure. Ensure that the cable is connected to the correct port and that there are no damages in the cable.
  • The wireless connection has the problem of the signal not reaching the device. This is the result of placing the printer and the router far away from each other. Place them close to each other and ensure that there are no large objects that can obscure the signal. It is highly possible that even after connecting to your wireless network, your anti-virus and firewall stops the printer from connecting to your computer. Temporarily disable your Anti-virus and Firewall and try making the connection again.
  • If you still are having difficulties, there are chances that the issue is caused by your driver software. Proceed to update your driver software and your printer’s firmware. These updates contain the solution to common bugs and software glitches making it all the more important to keep them updated at all costs.