HP Envy 5661 Setup & Support

A printer which connects easily to the local area network and the Internet. It is compatible with Windows 10. A 123 HP Setup Envy 5661 printer that produces high quality prints at a low cost.

123 HP Envy 5661 support


  • Print, Scan, Copy.
  • Wireless and HP ePrint compatibility.
  • LCD Preview screen.

Paper Mismatch Error- Troubleshoot

You might receive any one of the below-stated error messages on the printer’s control panel while printing envelopes or different paper sizes.

  • Paper Mismatch.
  • Paper Size Mismatch.

Step1: Modify the paper settings

The paper size should be appropriate before you proceed to print. Choose the File, click Print from the program which you desire.

  • Make sure that your printer is displayed in the Name or Printer’s drop- down list, and then proceed with Properties, Print Properties or Preferences.
  • Select Paper or Quality or Advanced (optional) and then choose the Paper Size.
  • Choose the respective Paper size and click OK once it is done.
  • If you can’t find the appropriate size, choose the size from the list closest to the paper placed in the tray.
  • Click OK and try to print. If the same issue is encountered, follow the rest of the steps in this manual.

Step2: Inspect the paper source settings

The paper which is fed into the paper tray should be withdrawn and replaced.

Inspect the paper source settings.

  • All the papers present inside the input tray should be withdrawn.
  • Substitute all the papers, change the paper width guides in order to place them smoothly against the edge of the paper stack.
  • Go to the document which you plan to print, open File and proceed with the Print option.
  • You will be instructed to choose the Paper or Quality option, and then select Paper Source to choose the correct tray.
  • Tap on the Ok option, and then make an attempt to print the sample document.

Step3: Reconfigure the printer settings

Go through the instructions and learn how to reconfigure the printer settings.

  • The Printer should be kept on.
  • Pause until your printer is inactive and mute before you start. When the printer is turned on, the power cord should be detached from the printer.
  • The power cord should now be removed from the wall outlet and should be paused for 60 seconds.
  • The power cord should be re- attached into the wall outlet.
  • The power cord should be linked to the printer.
  • Power up your 123 HP Setup Envy 5661 printer, if it is not self-booted.
  • Pause until the warm up period terminates and printer is hushed before you continue.